Rolandis Michele
- March
Posted By : dimospaps
Rolandis Michele

I had to reach my mid thirties to introduce myself to a healthier and more active lifestyle. When Dimos accepted to take me in as my personal trainer mid August 2019 I had just finished my first 10k run in 55 minutes.

After finishing that race I remember asking myself how is it possible to finish a 10k run under 50 minutes! It seemed so out of my reach. First meeting with Dimos we set a race for mid November. Dimos first words where ‘’you will finish the race under 48 minutes’’ I said coach i don’t see how this is possible!

Anyone who knows Dimos will tell you his no BS attitude doesn’t leave you much room for negotiation. In just under 3 months of consistence and intense training with Dimos we run a 10k race in 46minutes. An amazing accomplishment I never would had accomplished without him.

Thank you Dimos for opening my eyes to this sport, for believing in me, for pushing me to become a better version of myself, for showing me your prospective to this sport and for having such a positive impact in my life. I look forward to many memories and achievements together.


Sport:  Running
Hometown: Paphos, Cyprus


10K Distance 46:00