Charalambos Kyriakides
- March
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Charalambos Kyriakides

My name is Charalambos Kyriakides and I was born in 1984 in Paphos, Cyprus. I’ve never had any real contact with sports except for a few hobbies like fishing and hunting. At some point I decided that I needed to do something to lose weight. So in 2016 with the help of a friend I decided to start cycling. Then with the purchase of my first road bike I met my present coach and friend Dimos.

The following two years the hours and miles on the bike were endless but of course with good company. In 2018 as a family man the lack of time for cycling had to be replaced with something else as to maintain my physical heath. So timidly I decided to start running in March 2018, participating in the 10 kilometre running Logicom Marathon in Paphos, with a duration nearly one hour.

After participating in the race, I continued running without any aim until my coach and close friend Dimos Papadavid started training me. For two years of intensive training, the numbers speak for themselves, thanks to the persistence and hard work of my coach. The half marathon culminates in less than two hours and 10 kilometres in 47 minutes. Believe it by Dimos Paps!


Sport:  Running, Cycling
Height: 1.90 cm
Weight: 94 kg
DOB: 24/01/1984
Hometown: Paphos, Cyprus


10K Distance 47:00
Half Marathon 21K 1hr 51:00