Nikolas Zimboulakis
- March
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Nikolas Zimboulakis

Borned and raised in Paphos, Cyprus in 1983 and now I am living in Peyia. In my life I was always be an active person due to my studies, Physical Education and Sports Science, my sports background, Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do Olympic Sport and my job as a professional Gym manager, personal trainer and Tae Kwon Do coach.

I know Dimos as a friend and as a sports man for many years. I was always admiring his extreme achievements in sports but also his strong character, his good sense of humor, his kindness and generosity. 1 year ago I asked my friend Dimos to guide me with a specific training program tailored made in my busy lifestyle to achieve finish what most of people think is impossible…

The IRONMAN… after 6 months of training I managed to finished the Mainova Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt Germany, one of the most difficult Ironman races in history due to the extreme hot weather conditions. I still remember what my coach said to me the day before the race “Nikolas decide that you want it, more than you afraid of it, NEVER EVER GIVE UP, it’s time to enjoy what you trained for, clean your mind and become an Ironman, it’s now or never my friend, you already know the game, lets play! Good luck”

As a professional Coach myself in a different sport, i strongly suggest Dimos to everyone that wants professional guidance in Swim, Bike or Run, he will really care about helping you to achieve your targets, he will be a friend and a coach at the same time, answering all your questions and helping you motivate yourself in doing what you love. Thank you Coach for everything!


Sport:  Triathlon
Height: 1.83 cm
Weight: 93 kg
DOB: 21/09/1983
Hometown: Paphos, Cyprus


5K Distance 21:12
10K Distance 43:30
21K Distance 1hr 47:18
Longest Run 42.80 km – 5hr 53:43
Sprint Triathlon 1hr 11:21
Olympic Triathlon 2hr 14:34
IRONMAN 70.3 5hr 07:47
IRONMAN 14hr 15:40