Thomas Pavlides
- March
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Thomas Pavlides

My name is Thomas Pavlides, I was born in 1981 and i am from Cyprus (Paphos). I work as a civil engineer at the District Office in Paphos, I was never really involved with sports in my life and finally I got into sports on July 2019 just for better quality of life.

I was smoking also so one day (04.07.2019) I decide to give up smoking and got into running for fun at the beach and few months later I did my first half night marathon. I v’been trained by Dims Paps sense August 2020 after I saw him at the reunion party and we had a conversation about my decision to change my life and I ask him if he could train me to be my coach. He told me ok I will but I didn’t realize that he was excellent on his job, he spent time with u, examining your results and training and always coming back with feedback, advises and updated training.

Because of him I did half marathon in 3 moths that’s was amazing experience to keep running….. If you are to sports or not, or you want to change your life and planning to get into, you have to make the best decision in your life Dimos Paps is your MAN, your IRONman, your COACH.


Sport:  Running
Height: 1.65 cm
Weight: 76 kg
DOB: 13/08/1981
Hometown: Paphos, Cyprus


5K Distance 24:06
10K Distance 52:15
Thessaloniki Half Marathon 21K 2hr 04:06
Longest Run22 km