Kathidjiotis Charalampos
- March
Posted By : dimospaps
Kathidjiotis Charalampos

My name is Kathidjiotis Charalampos. I was born in Cypus-Paphos. All my life I remember my self doing sports and be an active person. At 2012 I met Dimos Papadavid which was doing cycling and running and I got motivated.

My first goal was to lose weight so I started running. Then I got my first racing bike at beginning of July and together with Dimos we decided to do our first IronMan 70,3 at Aix a Provance in France. Was the most difficult challenge I did in my life.

From that day I never stopped training always seeking to get better and faster step by step. Of course, my coach is Dimos Paps who was always close to me make me stronger not only as an athlete but also as a person. The advise he gave me and I always have in my mind is “Stay humble and let your work speak for you”.


Sport:  Triathlon
Height: 1.83 cm
Weight: 80 kg
DOB: 01/06/1987
Hometown: Paphos, Cyprus


Ironman Copenhaghen 10:17
Ironman Hamburg 08:57
K1 man 20171st Place
Olympus Man 20163rd Place
Olympus Man 20191st Place ( team cycling course record)
Cycling Championship 20153rd Place
Cycling Championship 2019 ITT 3rd Place
10K Distance 38:17
21K Distance 1hr 26:00
Athens Marathon 42K3hr 32:00
Cyprus Tour5th Place (Overall)
Olympic Triathlon Championship 2018 3rd Place