Stephanos Manolis
- March
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Stephanos Manolis

My name is Stephanos Manolis. I was born in December 1978. I am a father of three children as well. I run my own business since i was 20 years. I always used to be active on my free time either going to the gym or different sports occasionally but never competitive as I was and still I am an average athlete.

I know Demos for more than 15 years so I was watching him when he first started Athletics or running & cycling. 7 years ago and back in 2013 I decided to buy a road bike as well so I keep my self fit as I was growing up. I was taking part as an age grouper at Cycling events of Cyprus Federation for a year and a half before I tried my luck at Triathlon Events.

My first taste in Triathlon was at the end of 2014 when I did the bike session of a team at Paphos Sprint Triathlon. That was it! From that moment I’ve never looked back at cycling events. Only Triathlon. I remember Demos all these years and his progress in Triathlon. He was keep advising me and everyone around him or others friends how to do better in triathlon.

From 2015 until now I have completed 2x IRONMAN 140.6 ,6 x IRONMAN 70.3 , 2 x AUTHENTIC ATHENS MARATHON ,1x A.NAPA Middle Distance Triathlon 1x OLYMPUS MAN Middle Distance Triathlon 2x K1 MAN Middle Distance and several Cyprus Federation Sprit or Olympic Distance Triathlon Events.

Since September 2019 I have joined DIMOS PAPS team and I follow Dimo’s coaching guidelines. In December 2019 I have managed a PB 4h:56m in Middle Distance Triathlon with less than three months working together. I am looking forward to 2020 as the year looks very promising for more PB with DIMOS PAPS Team.


Sport:  Triathlon
Height: – cm
Weight: – kg
DOB: -/-/1978
Hometown: Paphos, Cyprus


5K Distance 22:36
10K Distance 46:48
21K Distance1hr 45:29
Marathon 42K 3h 55:06
Olympus Man 20191st Place ( team cycling course record)
Ironman140.6 Hamburg 2018 10hr 23:35
Ironman 140.6 Frankfurt 2019 12hr 31:11
Ironman 70.3 Bahrain 2019 4hr 55:39